Chevahir Mall Skopje is a new shopping mall, built as a part of the Chevahir Sky City complex. As it is located in the largest municipality of Skopje with youngest population, it promises to be one of the most visited malls in the area.

Its superior location next to the Chevahir Sky City housing complex makes it the most convenient zone for the daily demand of products and services for the residents. Additionally the mall is in an area located between the center of the city and the tourist transit zone which makes it inevitable to visit.

All factors have determined this mall to be everyday shopping and commercial center for daily common needs, as the idea is to offer unique shopping experience with mix of variety of brands. Despite the great visitor/buying power the facilities within the mall will be used for business/office needs too.

With all of the above mentioned factors, Chevahir Skopje Mall will grow up into a center with all its capacity will not only please the needs of everyday life but will also modernize the lifestyle in city.